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The International Journal of Wilderness (IJW) invites contributions pertinent to wilderness worldwide, including issues about stewardship, planning, management, education, research, international perspectives, and inspirational articles. The IJW solicits manuscripts not previously published and not simultaneously submitted elsewhere. Materials revised or reoriented by the author(s) sufficiently to constitute a new contribution are also welcome.

Authors are requested to accompany their manuscripts with a cover letter explaining: (a) any previous use of data or information in the manuscript and how the submitted manuscript is different, or (b) that it has not been submitted elsewhere for publication. Please indicate the type of manuscript you are submitting (e.g., peer-reviewed). The International Wilderness Leadership (WILD) Foundation holds copyright for materials printed in the IJW. Authors will be asked, prior to publication, to assign their rights to The WILD Foundation, unless the work is not subject to copyright, such as government employees.

IJW reviews all manuscripts submitted before deciding on accepting it for publication or not. No manuscript of any type is accepted prior to IJW review of the manuscript as submitted by the author(s). IJW reserves the right to edit all manuscripts prior to publication.

***Please review the types of articles published in the IJW and the style and form guidelines prior to submitting a manuscript.**

Questions and Submissions. Direct all correspondence pertaining to manuscripts, including name, address, business phone, fax, and e-mail address of the lead author, to

Robert Dvorak
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